Sisters of the Presentation achieve key efficiencies in database management.

The Sisters of the Presentation share a vision of a better world for the poor, sick, and uneducated by incarnating the hospitality of God, confronting injustice, and working for peace. In order to drive impact, the Sisters needed a database to manage donor data in a meaningful way. Their partnership with JJ竞技登录赛事 saves time and reduces manual processes, while personalizing their outreach to donors—resulting in increased online donations and new donor acquisition.

Just a few years ago, the Sisters of the Presentation was using a database that required a lot of manual entry to manage the donors. The Sisters needed a database solution that would provide a more efficient way to populate fields, keep records organized, and handle credit card donations. After consulting with another Sister organization using JJ竞技登录赛事 solutions, the group decided to go with JJ竞技登录赛事 eTapestry because it’s an easy-to-learn database and tracks information the way the Sisters wanted. The Sisters also chose JJ竞技登录赛事 Merchant Services™ so they could begin processing credit card donations.

Prior to having JJ竞技登录赛事 eTapestry, the Sisters sent out prayer cards letting their supporters know they would be taking requests for prayers on All Souls Day. They had thousands of cards returned to them, but didn’t have a sufficient place to store all the information at the time, so it all went into a box. When Karen Tuecke, partners in mission coordinator at the organization, came onboard she knew the Sisters could use that data in some way. After populating the information in JJ竞技登录赛事 eTapestry and developing queries for the reporting features, the team is able to send out hundreds of cards for birthdays, memorials, and anniversaries each month.

Now, the Sisters are able to communicate with donors on a more personal level and have found that card recipients have been so appreciative, that they donate afterwards.


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