JJ竞技登录赛事 Church Management™ offers time-saving efficiency and a more connected community for Journey Christian Church.

With 2,000 members at two locations and hundreds of people joining services virtually, Journey Christian Church needed a comprehensive church management solution to replace more than a dozen disparate tools distracting from the church’s mission. 

Journey Christian Church grew from humble roots as a small church founded in 1969. Today, an average of 2,200 people worship at its two central Florida locations, and 250 people join services from around the world through Journey’s livestream.

As the church grew, Journey’s team added the technology it needed one piece at a time, but those one-off tools failed to integrate and began creating more work for church staff. When JD Eger joined Journey as IT director, he drew from his background in business intelligence and proposed a solution: JJ竞技登录赛事 Church Management.

“Our goal is to reach members and spread the word of God,” Eger said. “It’s not to struggle with antiquated systems, and it’s not to develop software. That’s not our mission.”

Listing at least a dozen disparate tools, Eger noted the challenges. “There was a very big need to get away from data silos,” he said. “It’s very time intensive to pull data from different systems and put it together in a way that’s meaningful. We have to pull it from everywhere. If we have one location where we can get our data, that’s going to streamline everything.”


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