The Arlyn Award for Outstanding Design in Puppet Theatre is for an individual production rather than recognition of a designer’s body of work. The production must be premiered within the eligible calendar years – 2016 or 2017 for the next assessment.

Each jury sets their own criteria based on a set of general guidelines.

Entries consist of:

    a) A portfolio, in .pdf or .jpg format, containing not more than ten original designs and photographs of the production,

    b) A brief outline, in .pdf format, of the designer’s intent,

    c) In a separate .pdf file provide the following details:

    - Name of Designer:
    - Production Title:
    - Premier Date:
    - Name of Puppet Troupe:
    - Mailing Address:
    - e-mail Address:
    - Telephone Number:
    - Age Level of Intended Audience:
    - Touring or Non-touring production:
    - URL address of the posted video (Item d below):

    d) A video, edited to 5 minutes maximum, showing how effectively the designs work in performance. Post the video on YouTube, Vimeo, or a similar video board then include the URL with the other entry materials.

To ensure unbiased judging, the video and photos should not have visible identification. All items will be catalogued and numbered before the Jury receives them.

Only one entry per person per competition will be accepted.

Entry submissions may be e-mailed to:

Or mail a CD-Rom with the .pdf or .jpg documents to:
Arlyn Award Society
2016-17 Assessment
c/o 4348 Coastview Drive
Garden Bay, BC
V0N 1S1  Canada

Entries for the 2016-17 Arlyn Award must be received by 15 February, 2018.

Please note: All submitted materials will be retained by the Arlyn Award Society in a research collection.

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