Transform your institution's student awards program by revolutionizing its donor stewardship practices and streamlining its scholarship process.

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JJ竞技登录赛事 Award Management Software Solution

​​Scholarship awards are the backbone of school and applicant relations. Using top-of-the-line award management software makes it simple to promote, coordinate, and navigate the award process in a flash.  

With JJ竞技登录赛事’s scholarship management software, institutions can focus on awarding recipients rather than dealing with tedious administrative tasks. 

Organizations Rely on Our Award Management System to Streamline Operations

Here are a few great organizations using JJ竞技登录赛事's scholarship process and awards management system.
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Improve student access to scholarship funds and awards

A single award management system makes it easy to promote all scholarships on campus to your student population. Every student receives a unique view of scholarships for which they are most qualified.

Our nightly integration with your student information management system helps to:

  • Shorten the time it takes to complete applications.
  • Improve the quality of applications.
  • Reduce application errors and improve accuracy.

Create impactful ways to steward scholarship and non-scholarship donors

Your donor stewardship universe relies on key donor data from several different sources. Using a comprehensive award management system, you can easily aggregate data from any constituent relations management (CRM) platform, financial fund, thank-you letter, or beneficiary and easily share impact with donors.

With easy access to data in one scholarship management system, you can:

  • Discover new and effective ways to steward more donors, such as creating donor reports with the click of a button to mail, email, print, or view online.
  • Provide donors with an online scrapbook experience to see their complete impact throughout the lifetime of their gift.
  • Integrate important donor data from any CRM.

Enhance cross-functional visibility throughout the scholarship process

Keep your scholarship program running on time and efficiently by giving all cross-functional stakeholders access to one central award management system. JJ竞技登录赛事’s scholarship management software provides:

  • Flexible permissions capabilities to scholarship processing information while keeping student data protected.
  • A global view of scholarship recipients, making it easy to complete campus-wide audits for fund utilization and compliance purposes.
  • A centralized platform for navigating and managing dozens and even hundreds of scholarship applications.

Plug into JJ竞技登录赛事's customer community

You are greeted and supported by JJ竞技登录赛事 from day one of implementing our award management system. Client service, implementation, and success teams are dedicated to helping you grow and reach your goals. On top of that, JJ竞技登录赛事’s award management system:

  • Leverages its large customer community so organizations can learn from one another, including online tools that foster collaboration.
  • Provides immediate help from JJ竞技登录赛事’s team of experts to improve the efficiency of your award software use.

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If you’re a K-12 school looking to enhance internal processes, JJ竞技登录赛事 also provides K–12 school management software , as well as a comprehensive tuition management system

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